Jeevarasam: Benefits, Usage and Basic Care Instructions

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If you hold the water you drink with gratitude and reverence, health and equanimity will be a natural consequence. – Sadhguru

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Jeevarasam is an oval-shaped burnished metal container 2.25 inches in diameter, 2.5 inches high and weighs about 900 gms. It is filled with energized vibhuti that’s consecrated at the Dhyanalinga. The container has a serpent coiled around it, symbolic of protection. It is to be placed submerged in a pot or utensil that holds drinking water, with the purpose of maximizing the benefits of water. This was a short description of Jeevarasam. Now let’s look at the usage, benefits and basic care instructions for Jeevarasam.

How to Use Jeeverasam

  • For first use, the Jeevarasam comes prefilled with vibhuti. When empty, it has to be refilled. It is recommended that the Jeevarasam be refilled with vibhuti every 6 months.
  • To derive maximum advantages of Jeevarasam, it should be used in a vessel of copper, clay or any other natural material.
  • It should be completely submerged in the drinking water.
  • It should not be immersed in hot water.
  • You have to place the Jeevarasam in a vessel of water to consecrate the water. In a span of 3 hours, the water will be consecrated and fit for consumption.
  • Water treated by Jeevarasam can be consumed daily or used during religious rituals.
  • Keep in mind that Jeevarasam must stay in a stationary water container and should not be carried while traveling, like in a water bottle.
  • One Jeevarasam can energize up to 25 litres of water.

Jeevarasam Care Instructions

  • Vibhuti procured from Isha Life should be used to clean the Jeevarasam.
  • The vibhuti should be gently rubbed on the surface and cleaned with a dry cotton cloth.
  • The upper portion of the Jeevarasam, which contains the vibhuti, should be cleaned, and not its bottom portion.
  • Soap, lemon or tamarind should not be used for cleaning, as it can lead to corrosion.
  • When not being used, Jeevarasam should be kept fully covered in a bag of uncooked rice.

Benefits of Using Jeevarasam

Isha Life Jeevarasam Water Benefits

Sadhguru has created the Jeeverasam with the aim to boost wellness. Using it to treat drinking water can help get balance and harmony in our system and promote overall health.

  • It helps infuse energy into drinking water.
  • It treats the drinking water in such a way that the water behaves well with our system, which is to say, the drinking water is better for consumption when it is treated with Jeevarasam.
  • The Jeeverasam can be of help in treating water for daily consumption or for consecrating water to be used during pooja or other rituals.
  • It is known to have positive effects on health and overall well-being.

Isha Life Jeevarasam User Reviews

Jeevarasam Isha Life Health Benefits Sadhguru

1. In my experience, when Jeevarasam is kept submerged in drinking water for 3+ hours, it gets charged. I’ve found that the water develops a mild taste of sacred ash, which might take some time to get used to, but once you start drinking water treated with Jeevarasam, plain water might not be as appealing.

I’ve noticed that water consecrated with Jeevarasam feels vibrant and deeply quenches my thirst; I don’t feel the need to drink again for a longer time. Personally, I’ve also observed that since I started drinking water consecrated with Jeevarasam, I’ve been falling ill less often, and even when I do get unwell, I seem to recover faster. –  Gayatri B

2. I can confidently say that the Isha Jeeverasam is absolutely worth the price, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I feel incredibly energized by drinking this water, and I believe it has helped me achieve a greater sense of balance and wellness. My family and I regularly consume water that has been consecrated using Jeeverasam, and we’ve noticed that we are more mindful of our hydration, believing in the sacredness of the water and feeling grateful for its numerous benefits. – Shruti Subramaniam

Thus, Jeevarasam is indeed a beautiful addition to your wellness regimen, and it can be shopped at Isha Life. Sadhguru says, that if the water you drink is held with gratitude and reverence, health and equanimity will be a natural consequence.

Jeevarasam can enhance the positive experience while consuming water and also provide with some amazing benefits to your overall well-being. So, what are you waiting for? Up your health quotient by treating your drinking water with Jeevarasam. Buy one now.
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