21 Benefits of Consuming Pure Ghee Daily

Since ages, pure ghee has been a part of Indian food culture and it is an integral part of many Ayurvedic treatments. Ghee is an important element of the diet prescribed by Ayurveda, as according to this branch of medicine, pure ghee has several health benefits and should be included in your daily diet.

Ghee Benefits

Pure ghee (or clarified butter) is a superfood, given that it is a rich source of good fats and vitamins A, D and E. Pure ghee has antioxidants, possesses anti-inflammatory properties, is a great lubricant, and can help in disease prevention. Pure ghee benefits the heart, brain, digestive system and endocrine system, and it nourishes the hair and skin. Thus, it is a wonderful addition to your meals. This writeup gives you 21 health benefits of consuming pure ghee every day.

21 Benefits of Consuming Pure Ghee Daily

  1. As given by USDA, ghee protects you from disease and increases longevity.
  2. It acts as a great lubricant for the body and increases flexibility. Due to the vitamin K present in pure ghee, its consumption helps in calcium absorption. Eating ghee daily can help in keeping the bones strong and healthy.
  3. Eating ghee daily can be helpful for the brain and the nervous system. It reduces stress and anxiety.
  4. As per Ayurveda, pure ghee is a sattvic food. It has a cleansing action as it helps in the elimination of toxic elements from the body.
  5. As per USDA, ghee increases your digestive capacity and enhances absorption and assimilation. Consuming ghee daily results in a healthy gut and reduces the risk of ailments affecting the gut. It can help in preventing bloating, constipation and abdominal pain.
  6. Ghee is a source of butyric acid, which helps the body generate T cells that have a role in preventing diseases. Thus, eating pure ghee daily can strengthen your immune system.
  7. The butyric acid present in pure ghee has anti-cancer properties. The antioxidants in ghee give it anti-inflammatory properties.
  8. As per Ayurveda, ghee is the healthiest source of edible fat. Ghee is low in fat content. Since it has healthy fats (including omega-3 fatty acids), consuming it adds good cholesterol. Unlike other forms of fat that increase the risk of heart disease, pure ghee is good for overall health.
  9. Due to the healthy fats in pure ghee, it has a warming effect on the body. Eating it during the winters can keep you warm.
  10. Ghee is a good source of medium-chain triglycerides, which serve as a great source of energy. This means, consuming ghee can give you an energy boost.
  11. Ghee is a good source of conjugated linoleic acid. CLA is said to be useful in fighting obesity.
  12. Since ghee does not break into free radicals even at a high temperature, it is one of the best mediums to cook food.
  13. Ghee is a good source of vitamins A and E, which are required for the healthy functioning of the body, especially the liver and endocrine system.
  14. Consuming pure ghee helps you maintain hormonal balance. Ghee can be of use in restoring thyroid function.
  15. Since ghee plays a crucial role in balancing hormones, eating it daily can alleviate menstrual problems like PMS and irregular periods.
  16. Since ghee is lactose-free, it can be safely eaten by those with lactose intolerance.
  17. Pure ghee helps against dryness of the skin and is a natural way to treat burns. It works wonders for the skin due to the antioxidants, fatty acids and a natural emollient present in it. Consumption of pure ghee helps the skin retain moisture, boosts skin repair, keeps the skin soft and helps in treating cracks.
  18. Due to the moisturising properties of ghee, it can alleviate dryness and itchiness of the scalp. Due to its vitamin E content, it helps improve thickness of the hair.
  19. Pouring a few drops of pure ghee into the nostrils, in the morning (known as Nasya in Ayurveda) provides relief from cold and a clogged nose.
  20. Spreading pure ghee on chapatis or parathas, is said to reduce the glycemic index of chapatis while also helping it be moist and more digestible.
  21. As per Ayurveda, eating a spoonful of ghee first thing in the morning provides nourishment to all cells of the body.

Thus, you can see that pure ghee is beneficial for your health in many ways. Moreover, its inclusion in your daily diet is quite easy, as you could apply it on your chapatis, pour a spoonful on your rice or dal, have a little of it as a side, or cook your food in pure ghee instead of oil. Note that ghee contains fats and is high in calories, so it should be eaten in moderation. However, given the wonderful health benefits of pure ghee, you must use it to supercharge your diet and your health!

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